Louisiana Heathens


Njord's Nest Kindred

Welcome to our website.  We are a new Louisiana Heathen Kindred.  We are Van and Aesir friendly.  Njord's Nest has been chosen as a name for this group out of reverence and thanksgiving to Njord who saved the home and the property of the Chieftain of the group from four major Hurricanes.  And for that we give thanks the details of that experience will be uploaded to this website shortly.

When I first started to actually study being a heathen it struck me hard that the Cajun Ethic is also the Heathen Ethic.  Work Hard, Play Hard.  Love your Mama and talk to your God often.  Every honorable cajun I have had the good fortune to meet and to be related to, lives the Nine Noble Virtues without having a name for it.  That's just the way they live.  I tried to appeal to the major heathen groups and got my nose out of joint when they seemed amused that there should be anyone from Louisiana that would be interested in Heathenism.  I was even told flat out by one who shall not be named, in a SOUTHERN Egroup that Louisiana is not part of the south...  *shrug* That was a while ago.  Since then I have met a few who were genuinely interested in this little old Cajun Heathen.  Swain Wodening and his beautiful ex-wife Tee were so very supportive of me and my husband during the Hurricane Rita evacuation.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You will both always have a very warm and special place in my memory.  Mike Wolf thank you for taking me into your den it truly helped.  Aundrea in Oklahoma you treated me with warmth, your support I will always be greatful for.  Rob Retter in Las Vegas, Thank You, You showed me where my ancestry led to Odin Himself and that links me with you, Aundrea, and Swain.  For that I am greatful.  Troy Wiseheart in Washington State, you showed interest, support, and warmth when I really needed it. 

We are a very young and inexperienced Kindred that is very needed in our part of the world.  Please come back and visit as we expand this website to showcase our homeland and our people.

Joyfully In Frith
Njord's Nest Kindred